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As human beings who treasure the warmth and love of our animal pets, it is our promise to offer compassion for those struggling with the death of a pet through dignified tributes to honor those lives that forever will a special place in our hearts.

Bell Memorials acknowledges the love and bond between human and animal. We are a support mechanism for us humans in the stages of grief caused by the death of our pet. The value of our lives on this earth is measured by the love and respect we hold for others…..and all of God’s creatures.

All products are made of cast stone produced here in the USA in Pennsylvania. These beautiful pieces can be used inside the home, or outdoors in gardens, patio settings and walkways. All products are weatherproof, and are guaranteed to last a lifetime. All decorative stones come with a hanger cast into their backs to allow display on walls, fences and outbuildings. All benches are shipped in 2 boxes. Included are the bench top, 2 legs, assembly adhesive and full instructions.

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Keepsakes are small urns that hold just a small amount of cremated remains. Keepsakes permit you to hold onto some of the remains where most of the remains have been buried or scattered. They are a wonderful way to keep a part of your pet near at all times.

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Every month we will put a different question up with an answer, links with suggestions on books and brochures that can be helpful during the grieving process.

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